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Walking Stick with Round Ivory Handle and Malacca Cane
Walking Stick with Round Ivory Handle and Malacca Cane
Gerard Robinson Fine Art & Antiques
Snarling ivory tiger head on walking cane
Snarling carved ivory tigers head with glass eyes. With silver collar and ebony shaft.
Greengrass Antiques
Very Large Carved Ivory Hares Head Walking Stick Circa 1880
Ivory Hares head walking stick with repair to one ear.Important, Due to the strict exporting rules of Ivory this item is only available for the UK.
Gerard Robinson Fine Art & Antiques
Green parrot topped walking cane
Boxwood carving of a green parrot with glass eyes on painted shaft.
Greengrass Antiques
Early 19th century gold and mother-of-pearl walking cane top and macassar cane
The top of tapered cylindrical form, with central yellow gold foliate quatrefoil motif, a banded mother-of-pearl and gold background and a bi-colou...
S J Phillips Ltd
Antique Chinese Export Silver Walking Stick Handle
This fine antique Chinese Export Silver (CES) walking stick handle has a plain crutch style form. The surface of the handle is plain and ornamen...
AC Silver
Russian Commissar walking stick
Heavy shafted and carved from natural wood. Shows bearded man resembling Lenin.
Greengrass Antiques
A Fine and Rare Carved and Inlaid Whalebone and Sperm Whale Ivory Sailors Walkin...
A Fine and Rare Carved and Inlaid Whalebone and Sperm Whale Ivory Sailors Walking Stick Sperm whale ivory, whalebone, tortoiseshell and baleen ...
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Finch & Co
Root bamboo walking cane
Large and heavy root bamboo walking cane, natural form but like a cudgel. Circa 1900 39 inches (100cm)
Winfield Antique Canes
walking stick collection
A great walking stick collection, most of them in glass made around 1900. The average dimension is 40-42 inches or around one meter. I really want ...
Galerie Tiny Esveld
Ivory skull on ebony walking stick
Good quality detailed ivory skull on ebony shaft C1900
Greengrass Antiques
Black forest carved gnome walking cane
Black forest carved walking cane. Shows gnomes climbing a hollow tree and emerging from the trunk.
Greengrass Antiques
Mephistopheles Walking Cane
Ivory handled walking cane / stick mounted on a rosewood shaft, with a decorative gilt metal collar. The ivory handle relief carved with depictions...
Winfield Antique Canes
Ivory Lion Walking Cane
Malacca walking cane with silver mount, with Snarling lion handle nicely modelled in ivory. Terminating with a bone ferrule Length of handle 4.5 i...
Winfield Antique Canes
Ivory carved pug in wooden drum on walking cane
Ivory pug in boxwood drum on bamboo cane.
Greengrass Antiques
Carved ivory cockerel head on walking cane
Carved ivory cockerel head on bamboo cane with gold coloured band.
Greengrass Antiques